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Favorite YouTube Stars and What You can Learn on Their Channels includes a variety of videos from MIG and Stick welding to reviews on upcoming equipment and forum chats. However, this channel specifically highlights Tig Welding with their video series, TIG Time with Mr. TIG. You’ll learn everything from tips and tricks for beginners to advanced scientific projects requiring X-ray and high stress analysis. Join for new episodes every Friday.


Miller Welders

Miller Welders provides tips on how to tackle even the toughest DIY project in order to build your own legacy. Their channel provides a plethora of playlists designed to pinpoint industry specific issues, beginner training, and company news.



Although it’s true ChuckE2009 has a great variety of welding videos from how-to’s to product related videos, he’s especially known for his educational uploads. Subscribe for quality content that is sure to help with even the smallest project.


Kevin Caron, Artist

Who says welding can’t be artistic? Artist Kevin Caron is a sculptor that challenges the extents of steel through various welding and fabrication techniques. While most of his videos focus on MIG and Arc welding, you’ll also find a variety of general welding topics. Come along for the ride as he makes metal do some pretty crazy stuff each week.



Weldingtipsandtricks gets into the “down and dirty” tips for welders with instant visuals and limited fluff. Jody Collier shares his 30 plus years of welding experience through his weekly video posts that are full of great “how tos” for aspiring welders.